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Shep Profile & CV

Neil Sheppard - alias Shep                                                            Like us on Facebook  


Shep was born in the UK in 1956, and migrated to Australia as a child with his familySheps’ family settled in Western Australia.  After leaving High School, Shep spent a few years touring Australia and New Zealand, working at a variety of jobs, then returned to study in Perth, graduating with Diploma of Teaching.

From an early age Shep always enjoyed drawing, and started his art career working in pen and ink.  In 1998 he ventured into colour, painting in acrylics, and in 2005 began experimenting with oils. In latter years Shep painted full time, taught painting/drawing workshops and enjoyed periods of invited ‘artist in residence’.

Shep lived on Kangaroo Island with his wife, in a strawbale and stone loft home he built himself, while maintaining his own working studio and gallery 'SHEPS’ STUDIO'.


Solo Exhibitions:     (to be updated)

2013         Artwork by Shep                       The Bistro Barn                     McLarenVale, South Australia

2012         Shep-ervessence                     Fox Creek Wines                   McLarenVale, South Australia

2012         Of Guts and Gold                     Venturas Visions                    Auburn, South Australia

2010         Essentially Shep                      Artistic License                       North Adelaide,  South Australia        

2009         A Taste of Shep                       Fox Creek Wines                   McLaren Vale, South Australia

2009         Kaleidoscope of Colour           Hahndorf Academy                Hahndorf, South Australia

2008/09    Shep on Dauncey                   Fine Art Kangaroo Island        Kangaroo Island, South Australia

2006         Launch of Sheps Studio          Lift off, KI Art Feast                Kangaroo Island, South Australia

2006         Colours of Ozone                    Ozone Seafront Hotel            Kangaroo Island, South Australia

2005         Sea Change                            Lombard Gallery                    Stepney, Adelaide, South Australia

2004         Neil Sheppard                         Ozone Seafront Hotel             Kangaroo Island, South Australia

1998         Neil Sheppard                         Pt Pirie Cultural Centre           Pt Pirie, South Australia

Joint Exhibitions:

2011        A Splash of Colour                  Jointly with Tracy Vandepeer    Sevenhill Cellars,  Sevenhill, Clare Valley, South Australia     

2009        For the Love of Art                  Artistic License                       North Adelaide,  South Australia

2005        Geometry                                Dridan Fine Arts                     McLaren Vale, South Australia                                                        

Group Exhibitions:

2012       SALA - For the Love of Colour      Venturas Visions             Auburn, South Australia

2012       SALA - How do we love thee? Let us count the ways ...       National Wine Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

2012       Hilton Tour Down Under         The Hilton                               Adelaide   (in conjunction with - Greenhill Galleries Adelaide)

2011      SALA - It's Black & White         Venturas Visions Gallery       Auburn,  Clare Valley,  South Australia

2011      SALA - How do we love thee? Let us count the ways ...        National Wine Centre,  Adelaide,  South Australia

2010       Seven on the Wall                   Sunset Winery                       Kangaroo Island,  South Australia

2010       SALA Exhibition                      Venturas Visions                    Auburn, South Australia

2010       A Leisurely Meander               Red Poles Gallery,                 McLaren Vale,  South Australia           

2009      The best of Fine Art KI             Sunset Winery,                       Kangaroo Island, South Australia

                at Sunset

2007     After Heysen: Exploring

         the Australian Landscape      Adelaide Festival Centre,       Adelaide,  South Australia

2006     Sunset, Sunlight…3                  Sunset Winery                       Kangaroo Island, South Australia

2005     Sunset, Sunrise &                     Sunset Winery                       Kangaroo Island, South Australia

               the Sea Too

2004    Sunset,on Sunrise &                  Sunset Winery                       Kangaroo Island, South Australia

         the Sea

Awards and prizes

2008                 First Prize, Current Works 2D - Penneshaw Easter Art Exhbiition

                        Second Prize, Peoples Choice – Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition                      

2007                Second Prize, Let There be Light – Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition

                        Highly Commended, KI - Life on the Rock - Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition

2006                First Prize, Kangaroo Island Moments - Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition

2005                Visual Artist of the Year - The Islander Art Part, Kangaroo Island

                        Second Prize, Spring Fever - Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition

2000                Encouragement Award for Local Artists - Laura Art Prize


1998                 Collection of historic buildings,  pen & ink,  -  The Port Pirie Regional Council

1984                 Collection of historic buildings,  pen & ink,  -  Australia Post, Western Australia