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Painting Workshops


One Day Landscape Painting Workshops with Shep

Vale Neil Sheppard (Shep)

After a short illness, Shep passed away Sept 2015

He is sadly missed by all, his courage, kindness, generosity and zest for life.


In 2015 Shep taught many workshops, demonstrating his unique style and imparting knowledge to students.  He started preparing lessons in preparation for On-Line lessons for Landscape Painting.  We hope that in the future this project may come to fruition and be available.



                    What workshop students are saying:

"I think Shep's teaching style is outstanding and very approachable.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone - from beginners to advanced"

"Shep is a natural teacher.  The class was well paced and very instructive... I felt confident at every turn"

"I would like to reiterate what a lovely day I had last Friday in Auburn. I have never painted before and was truly blown away with my results. Everything about the experience was perfect to me, the instruction was clear, lunch was yummy and clearly made with love, KI apple cider was on hand, the company was fun and supportive and I walked away feeling like an artist. Thank you."

"The use of the 'Shep Filter' helped me loosen up and feel better about what I was about to do. I really liked the step-by-step tuition.  I am delighted with what I produced"

"Never put brush to canvas before. Most satisfied, no pressure, a most enjoyable day. Onya Shep!"

"I loved the freedom of abstract painting and the use of different tools and having a play. Very happy with painting results and being able to complete in a short period"

"The workshop was brilliant for all levels of skill and knowledge. Great technical workshop, great environment. I am greatful as a student to Neil who openly shared his artistic knowledge and know how, thanks Neil"

"I struggle to know what my style is, Shep has reinforced that we should follow our hearts and paint what we know, paint using the imagination and emotion, great advice, Thankyou Shep!"

"I have always wanted to whip up a painting in a few hours and I have achieved this today."

"Shep demonstrated and explained it in such a way it made the steps very easy, and I feel great. My challenges were to open up and let go and it has shown me that it was easy to when you know how, a better understanding of what tools and techniques to use to achieve this."

"Excellent workshop.  It had been a while between paintings so I was a bit nervous but the explanations were well presented and the class moved along at a steady but comfortable pace. A lot of fun! You have a wonderful, encouraging teaching manner. Thank you sincerely"

"The workshop was very good,  I learnt lots of new techniques"  Vincent (9 years)

"It was really good and fun.  Everything was interesting"  Mich (11 years)

"I felt nervous before the workshop about not being at the level of other people, but throughout the day I felt more and more confident in my own ability.  I've learnt multiple new techniques and cant wait to try similar techniques in my own work. Thank you so much!"

"Great structure and flow to the class. Will work on 'loosening' up style. Would recommend strongly"

Shep Landscape Workshop 01

In this Full day session you will be introduced to the “Shep” way of landscape painting, with the aim to make you a freer, heart driven artist, released from tediously trying to replicate a photograph or even slavishly copying what you see in front of you!
Learn to “Grab what you want” from any landscape, using the “shep filter” and turn it into something wonderful using your imagination, memory, life’s experiences and your state of mind to create a piece of true art, and not just a poor copy of a photograph!
Along the way, you will study such foundation theory as;
  • Underpainting for effect
  • Easy rules for composition
  • Simple rules for colour and tone
  • Lead ins, focal points, and lead outs, to create a pleasing visual journey through your work.
  • All paints and tools provided. Please bring 1-2 canvases.
You will be fed a banquet and be in the company of other fine people as hungrily creative as you! 
You will leave, not as an expert, but as someone who feels they have had a long shut door finally opened to them, with the sky as the limit!
Shep Landscape Workshop 02
(Pre requisite is Shep Landscape 01, or a thorough working knowledge of the structure of an effective landscape)
On this day, usually as a follow up to Shep Landscape 01, we will revise the concepts covered, then seek to put them into practice in extracting the best from a landscape, recording this simply as a tonal black and white sketch, then coming back to the studio to put the “Shep Filter” into action!

The day will look like this:

  • Revise the concepts covered in Shep Landscape 01, with Shep doing a quick demo utilising these foundation principles.
  • Morning tea.
  • Field trip to somewhere close, to create a sketch, “grabbing” what we want from what we see,
  • Back to the studio to revise the concept of the “Shep Filter”, and commence work on our interpretation of what we have seen.
  • Lunch
  • Continue/complete our work with support from Shep and each other
  • Leave, totally excited about the creative journey you have embarked on!
  • All paints and tools provided. Bring whatever canvases you feel happy to paint. Spare canvases available.


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