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Sheps Studio has chosen certain paintings of distinction, to be made into 'Fine Art Limited Edition giclee reproductions (LEP number) and 'Of Guts and Gold Prints' (LEP GG number)

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Of Guts and Gold 

I have always had an interest in our Australian history and love to find books written about the early Europeans as they came to terms with this amazing, but often daunting landscape. One of my favourite books that really brings to life the hardships of early settlement ( although they stoically regarded it as just how it was) is a book called “A Fortunate Life” in which a real battler takes us through his life story during the depression years, and not knowing any better enjoys his life of endless backbreaking toil.

The group of 12 paintings represented here, are twelve out of the twenty six paintings that made up the “Of Guts and Gold” exhibition. They portray a number of types of people, all battlers, but battling in different ways to survive the dark days of the depression.

I have always had it in mind to paint this way, but always felt inadequate to tackle the genre, but feel that now the time is right. I have learnt the necessary technical skills, and have the inspiration to visualise these people in their current situations.

It worries me a little, how easily we could lose the current high standard of living that we as Australians enjoy, and find ourselves back in the same situation that these folk found themselves in, but with much less toughness of character, through our soft living, to enable us to cope with the change.

So maybe, in a way this exhibition is a reminder of what once was, and a warning of what could be.

This is not a ‘pretty” bunch of paintings. If they make you shudder then maybe I have achieved what I set out to do. I could finish here and say “enjoy” but you may not, so I will say instead, “reflect”.

Neil Sheppard

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A Man and his Dog LEP GG 13
Size 42x60cm - on German Etching Paper- $395 If out of stock, your PRE-ORDER will take 4-5 we..
Ex Tax: AU$395.00
Face in the Window LEP 59
Size 50x50cm - on German Etching Paper - $480 If out of stock, your PRE-ORDER will take 4-5 w..
Ex Tax: AU$480.00
Family Plucking Crows LEP GG 8
FAMILY PLUCKING CROWS A heart warming scene of a battler family sharing the pleasant task of..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00
Far Horizon LEP GG 11
FAR HORIZON Something about the horizon in the Australian outback. It doesn't seem to get..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00
Father and Son LEP GG 3
FATHER & SON Not looking overly optimistic, a squatter on a dry block takes comfort in hi..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00
Gunna Rain LEP 1
Size 60x60cm - on German Etching Paper - $490 If out of stock, your PRE-ORDER will take 4-5 w..
Ex Tax: AU$490.00
Head Shot LEP GG 5
HEAD SHOT Any self respecting shooter only shoots for the head no matter what the range. Here..
Ex Tax: AU$560.00
Homecoming  LEP 4
Size 60x84cm - on German Etching Paper- $580 If out of stock, your PRE-ORDER will take 4-5 we..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00
Into The Depths LEP GG 4
INTO THE DEPTHS A miner prepares to go down for his shift at the "face". His mates ready them..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00
Mates LEP GG 2
MATES "Waltzing his Matilda" a swaggie tramps the by ways looking for a bit of work (Or at le..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00
Prospector LEP GG 1
PROSPECTOR “Giving thanks for finally finding some 'colour' or totally overwhelmed by despe..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00
Skinner LEP GG 9
SKINNER A happy larrikin doing what he has to do to survive the harsh outback. Dealing with s..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00
Swaggie with Firetails LEP GG 10
SWAGGIE WITH FIRETAILS Just felt like painting a swaggie getting surprised by three gorgeousl..
Ex Tax: AU$560.00
The Neighbours LEP 60
Size 50x50cm - on Canvas - $550 If out of stock, your PRE-ORDER will take 4-5 weeks If yo..
Ex Tax: AU$550.00
The rabbit seller LEP GG 12
THE RABBIT SELLER Parked in the main street of a sleepy country town, a rabbit seller peddles..
Ex Tax: AU$580.00