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Shep is increasingly being sought for larger commissions, he really enjoys the challenge of working big!    

Below are a number of samples of some of his latest commissions.

Private commission - April 2013

Testimonial from Customers

This commissioned work began with a visit by Shep to our house. The only thing we were certain about was the location for a large piece in the form of a diptych. We had a few other vague ideas which we described to Shep, like bringing the outside environment colours visible through large windows and themes into the large wall space. A floor rug had just the colours and tones we liked, we toured the house briefly, we e-mailed photos Shep asked for and left it to him to provide a sketch of his response to our ideas and the interior location. Within a few days the sketch was emailed to us with size, notes and a costing. Shep also advised that, if after three alterations or so, we could not reach agreement the work would go into the gallery for sale.
We were very happy with his concept sketch and asked him to proceed.
Not long after, we received the image and were asked if there were any changes to be made. This was our response:
"We love it! Love the colours, the bright highlights, the birds, the Casuarina, the patterns, the boldness, the movement and direction of the birds towards our high window (trying to get out!) Your response to the commission has been amazing.
When we asked you to create something for us, we had no idea what you would come up with and we are absolutely delighted.
In a few days the work was safely delivered to our door and there it is!
Thank you,"
Custodians of Shep's work
8' by 6' in two panels


Private commission - June 2012

The request was for three very large paintings reminiscent of the clients' travel in the Mediterranean.  Each canvas measured 3 metres x 1.5 metres.


Corporate commission - March 2012

Here are a few images that we have of a commission done for a corporation in Adelaide. 25 canvases in all with the main piece, pictured here, to wrap around a stairwell, and comprising nine canvases each measuring 1200mm x 900mm for a total of 8.1 metres x 1.2 metres.




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